↑ Individual consonants and temporal variations.

↑ Randomised input into “Gespeaker” voice synthesiser with sine waves, short bursts of white noise and phone sounds.

↑ Victorian poetry reassembled and reinterpreted by speech synthesis as an Indian language.

↑ Slowed speech with baritone saxophone.

↑ Poem for two slowed voices.

↑ Sound poem delivered through baritone saxophone.

↑ Gerard Manley Hopkins shuffled and digitised.

↑ I burned lives – a Victorian poem.

↑ Goose in sky, duck on ground – a rhythmic Indian poem.

↑ Above window with temporal variations.

↑ Words assembled from vowels and consonants with temporal variations.

↑ Poem with sine waves

↑ Spoken poem (voice synthesis with noise)

All poems by John Grieve

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